Hey Guys

So we're having a little problem that I can't get my head around. We have a Sat Dish on the school which feeds into one of the server which has a Satellite PCI Card attatched to allow us to play music videos and stuff at lunch time for the kids. We use DVBViewer and XBMC PVR DVBViewer add-on which connects to the server and receives the channels. This solution works greate on all of the channels but BBC Three, CBBC and Ceebebies!! The channels will play fine on the server itself through the standard DVBViewer application so I know we can view the channels but just not on XBMC. I have put XBMC on the server itself and it won't work in anyway trying to view these channels on XBMC all the other channels work fine and it will show EPG data for all channels including BBC Three!! :S

Any ideas??