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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, How can I resolve this relocation of a teachers PC? in Technical; Originally Posted by detjo You can get projectors that receive a wireless input signal. Not sure if there's an 'education' ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by detjo View Post
    You can get projectors that receive a wireless input signal. Not sure if there's an 'education' version of such a projector, and of course this would be extra cost - lest the existing projector can be relocated to some other suitable room for good use.
    Computer/Laptop still needs power.

    Quote Originally Posted by north-ict View Post
    Some form of grip or adhesive could be applied to the underside of the floor cable protector so not to move? Or the nations favourite duct tape!
    Or get one that can be screwed down?


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    Could you get someone in to build a platform / dais to go from the wall out for a couple of meters, then the desk would sit on that, and the cables could be run underneath easily enough?

    I've seen similar solutions built in the past to resolve this exact issue...

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    Thanks for all of the suggestions - we have resolved this by getting a length of steel channel 20mm by 50mm wide - it is much smaller than the blank, contains the cables and fits in with the rest of the room design.

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