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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Smart Board on Mac in Technical; Hi I'm having an issue at one of the schools I look after. A new teacher started at the beginning ...
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    Smart Board on Mac


    I'm having an issue at one of the schools I look after. A new teacher started at the beginning of term (well swapped from another school in the academy), she hasn't used a windows machine for years so talked the head into letting her take her mac with her, whilst I've managed to sort most things out I just can't get the smart board working on it, the drivers were already installed and her mac works fine on all the boards at her old school using the same dongle (she's even gone back and double checked for me during a meeting they had there) and the board works fine on the windows machines at the new school, I've also installed the drivers on my mac and that doesn't want to know either on any of the 3 boards at this school (all the same model SB580 if that helps) but works fine at the old school . I'm at my wits end with it, has anyone got any ideas?
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    SMART don't officially support SB580s any more so they don't provide drivers for newer operating systems. If either the product drivers or Mac OSX have been updated since the teacher moved then the board might not work.

    You'll probably find you get the same problem if you try to use a SB580 with a PC with a 64-bit version of Windows on it.

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