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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Smartboard constant USB detect issue in Technical; We have just moved over to Windows 7 and have a issue with all of our smartboards. They are constantly ...
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    Smartboard constant USB detect issue

    We have just moved over to Windows 7 and have a issue with all of our smartboards. They are constantly being detected/undetected (USB) although the light remains green and the board works interactively. Device manager shows a device being detected, then removed, but does this too quickly to identify the device. This causes the windows sounds to play - Device Connect / Device Disconnect, which becomes rather annoying after a short time.

    I can disable the sounds and even go as far as removing the sound in C:\windows\Media which resolves the annoying device connect/disconnect beep but this doesnt solve the actual initial problem

    We were running Smart version 11.2 but backed it to to version 10.8 but problem still exists. Remove Smart software and all is fine so it has to be a Smart driver issue.

    Anyone experienced the same problem on windows 7, this is a mix of Smartboard (560, 680's)


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    i had that on one pc turned out to be the video splitter

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    are USB extentions being used? if so they will need to have been win7 compatible too.

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    This sounds like the USB lead is too long. If its over 5m and plugged into a pc without active extensions, then the board struggles to connect. We have this so picked up a couple of powered hubs and bingo, all fine. The change in drivers from win xp to win 7 (assuming you skipped vista like most of us) might mean a change in the way the detection works. I know a lot of older boards with USB to serial converters also suffer under win 7 and 8.

    Try using a vanilla laptop and install the smartboard package directly, then plug the board in with around 3m USB if you can, and see if the same issue arises.

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    The smart tech installation sometimes does not install the usb-serial drivers correctly.
    Open the Control Panel>Device Manager, right click yellow USB-Serial Controller and choose Update Driver Software. Choose Browse and point it to
    for 64-bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\SMART Technologies\Education Software\Drivers\x64
    for 32bit(x86): C:\Program Files\SMART Technologies\Education Software\Drivers\x86
    The driver will install and your board will now work.

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    I have this issue too - when I try and do as @Snoron suggests, I am told that the drivers are already up to date

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