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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Projectors & Epilepsy in Technical; Originally Posted by theriver Interesting one. I've a relative who is photosensitive and another who uses large print at school, ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by theriver View Post
    Interesting one. I've a relative who is photosensitive and another who uses large print at school, and so from an interested, as opposed to expert, point of view:

    I think I found the same source that you did: https://www.epilepsy.org.uk/info/pho...lepsy/triggers says that IWBs are 'not likely' to cause seizure

    However the student's recommendation has been made for a reason, and I am not an expert, so I'd default to the adviser's advice.

    But I'd chuck in another couple of considerations:

    - a child with some kind of special needs wants to feel as normal as possible. They don't necessarily want to be the one who has the huge print, or the funny machine, or, as possibly in this case, the one that has to wear funny glasses


    - you're making provision for them in one classroom - is that the only classroom they're ever going to use? Do you have a projector in the hall?
    - if peril sensitive sunglasses are a real option, is it better to get the student familiar with using them at school? Presumably they'd be beneficial at the cinema, at home with the TV etc.

    It's seems to be that this blue bulb idea just go thrown out there and they have gone with it. I am going to have a chat with our deputy about it and hopefully contact the adviser/parent of the pupil to see what the needs actually are and hopefully come to an arrangement that is best for everybody.

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    As someone else with a personal interest, rather than professional medical knowledge, you definitely need to find out more about what has been recommended and why. There is more than one type of photosensitive eplilepsy, all classified as PPR - some seizures are caused by flickering light at a particular frequency (refresh rate) and some can be colour (also frequency, but in a different sense). Flourescent lighting is another source of flickering light - presumably at 50Hz, which could potentially be changed. We have replaced some of our flourescent tubes with LED "bulbs" in the standard light fittings. Having read a bit more about it, it's not necessarily the projector bulb that needs changing - it could be the classroom background lighting that needs to be changed. I have a lot of sympathy with trying to avoid anything that could cause stigma, but on the other hand, there will be plenty of other children wearing glasses, eye patches, hearing aids etc, so it's not the worst thing in the world. I would have thought it is less stigmatising than having a seizure in class.

    Just my thoughts...

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    If you disconnect the right connection from the VGA (Red I'd guess) that will make it go blue.

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    We had a student having issues with our refurbished parts of the building and being unwell and when I left they were still discussing it as they were thinking it was the new T5 lighting fitted in it that was the issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by X-13 View Post
    But that sounds like it'd be more for dyslexia than epilepsy.
    If you are referring to tinted glasses, this could be Irlens syndrome, Home, more than dyslexia. Many dyslexics have Irlens syndrome, but they are not the same thing.

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