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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, how many pcs smart notebookcan go on. in Technical; When you buy a smartboard you get a disk with the smartnote book software on. How many additional licences are ...
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    how many pcs smart notebookcan go on.

    When you buy a smartboard you get a disk with the smartnote book software on.

    How many additional licences are included with that or is it just one?

    I'm sure we have it installed on to many pcs but not sure of official number.

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    Basically as many as you need. The only real limitation is that you cannot use the SMART software on a device connected to a different brand of board (promethean for example).

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve21
    How many computers can I install SMART Notebook software on at my school?
    You can install SMART Notebook software on an unlimited number of computers that your school owns and operates [Section 2.2(a)]. It can also be installed on computers not controlled by the school as long as the user who controls the computer is associated with that school and the software isn’t being used on a competitor’s product.

    Can I give my product key to all the students in my class so they can activate SMART Notebook software at home?
    Yes, all students in your school may download SMART Notebook software on their home computers and activate it using the school product key. They’re entitled to use SMART Notebook at home for as long as they’re students at your school [Section 2.2(a)].
    From here:
    Activating Smart Notebook 11

    Edit to add another source, from SMART:
    For example, when a school purchases a SMART Board interactive whiteboard, it can install SMART
    Notebook on computers owned by the school and by associated members of that school, such as
    teachers, substitute teachers, students and administrators. The license does not allow SMART Notebook
    to be used on the computers of teachers from other schools or school districts. When a member is no
    longer associated with that organization, such as a teacher moving to a different school, they are no
    longer permitted to use SMART Notebook.
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