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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, High pitched noise and smoke from speaker... in Technical; Hi All, First of all I should say that all the information I have is from word of mouth. Passive ...
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    High pitched noise and smoke from speaker...

    Hi All,

    First of all I should say that all the information I have is from word of mouth.

    Passive speaker driven by amp (which is almost always left on) started to make a high pitched noise and 'smoke' 10 minutes after turning the computer on and swithing the mixer to this signal. It was switched off at wall by passer by and ever since I've not been able to recreate it. Speaker looks and sounds fine! Any thoughts on what may have caused this 'smoke'? Should I just leave it? I should mention that although we do have a lecturn mic that was turned on at the same time, it is again almost always on and ive never created feedback from it, even cranked up really high. Also it was only one speaker 'smoking', the other was fine.


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    It could be worth taking down the speaker and just checking any passive crossover that it might have inside to make sure it's not melted anything (though if the speaker is sounding fine, then probably not, but always worth just giving the wiring a once over just to be on the safe side).

    Also, was it definitely the speaker that was smoking and not the Amp itself as for a passive speaker to smoke, you really have to be doing something wrong, where as for an Amp to, not so much.

    It's just worth giving it an overhaul to make sure it's all safe (not just sounding good) as if there is something wrong, next time it might not be dealt with so promptly and cause a fire etc.

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    If they were using a mike, and it was on loud the high pitch squeal was probably feedback and and smoke was probably 6 years of dust vibrating off the unit.

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