It is a Smart Unifi 45 (I think) DLP projector. We were called out to it as it was refusing to come on. The temp light was lit and I could see just from the outside of the projector that dust was accumlating, but these projectors don't have filters for some reason. At this stage I took it down, opened it up and blew out all the dust I could see. Then when examining the bulb (this was changed only a short while ago) I noticed that a small pain of glass had shattered on the front of the bulb, which was probably due to the heat and lack of ventilation. I had kept the old bulb, so I removed the glass pain from this one and put it into the current bulb. I thought this might have sorted it, but when I turned the projector back on, the image was extremely faint. Now, I've internally cleaned a few projectors recently but not a DLP projector. I would normally clean all the mirrors and lenses in the light chamber but obviously these ones work in a different way and I've read they have some sort of colour wheel. I haven't touched this.

Do any projector experts know if I have I missed anything out that needs a clean or it it likely that the projector is pernamently damaged due to it overheating?