I need to stream to a server on my hosted server which is listening on port 80. I can stream to the server at home , but when I try it in school I get nowhere and I cannot contact the server to feed it my my stream. I can however access the administration page so I know it's not completely blocked.

I am using Winamp currently and I have input the proxy settings, but I'm not sure if this applies to the DSP plugin or not. Does anyone have any experience with this ? I have seen messages on forums saying that you cannot do it through a proxy but these messages are very old so I'm hopeful things have changed since then. I'm going to try a transparent proxy to see if that works or not but it's a bit of an effort to go to if it still doesn't work.

Any ideas ?

Ps I have bypassed all our firewalls and filters for this test and I'm going directly to our upstream server.