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    Acer Revo for XIBO

    I've seen many threads on here of people recommending Acer Revo Nettop boxes for use with XIBO. Which models do people use?
    I have seen the Acer Revo Celeron 887 at £174.98 but is this good enough for your standard Xibo install? It would need to do powerpoints, photo slide shows and occasional videos. Do the Acers have WOL capability?

    Any other nettop devices that people use?

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    The revo r3600 (iirc, the one with the original atom) is the one we run. Works fine. Could do with a touch more power as VNCing in is a bit painful, but for normal operation is fine.
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    We used the original R3600 and then the R3610 atom based Revo which were both fine playing Xibo. We've now switched to Risevision and they play that even better. There's not much load once the initial library download from the server is done unless you go crazy with content. We used to have a few webpages, some images and a video slideshow of <4 mins running next to RSS feeds ok.

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