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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, VGA over cat 5 plus auto switch in Technical; Hi all Got a question i've got a room where I need to put in 3 VGA points. Cat5 is ...
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    VGA over cat 5 plus auto switch

    Hi all

    Got a question i've got a room where I need to put in 3 VGA points. Cat5 is already in place so it's just a case of plugging in so extenders etc. What I would like to do is have it so that someone can turn up and plug a laptop in to any of the 3 points and have it instantly work with the projector switching automatically.

    Can anyone make some suggestions of gear? I've been looking through the Kramer range but i'm not too sure what to buy I was thinking TP-45s for the points but not sure about the receiver as it's obviously going to need 3 cat5 inputs on it and at least one VGA out has anyone got any practical experience with this stuff to advise?


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    I would suggest that spending time looking for an adapter that can have 3 different sources and then the money on it wouldn't be worth it. If your school is anything like ours, you will probably be required to pop by and help the speaker set up anyway, so therefore couldnt you just quickly patch it yourself? we do similar with a 2 point setup. If you do find a device that can take 3 seperate vga-over-cat5 inputs I'd be interested to see it.

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    The only auto switcher I am aware of from Kramer is a 2 x vga in and 1 x vga out, you could maybe run the third input to the second vga input on the projector.

    VP-211K - Single Output - Kramer Electronics

    Or go down the route of a Kramer martix switch but this will require someone physically pressing the button on the required input on the switch.

    VP-4x4K - Fixed I/O - Kramer Electronics

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    The Kramer VP-411DS allows 4 inputs and 1 output and does auto switching VP-411DS - Single Output - Kramer Electronics

    Then you could either run 3x VGA cables to the inputs around the room you want or go for any sort of VGA over cat5 kits.

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