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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Ganz CCTV System vs. Internet Explorer in Technical; Hi folks, In a last ditch attempt at trying to resolve this problem I thought I'd post here just in ...
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    Question Ganz CCTV System vs. Internet Explorer

    Hi folks,

    In a last ditch attempt at trying to resolve this problem I thought I'd post here just in case anyone has come across it (or can suggest anything).

    We have a Ganz Digimaster DR16H-DVD CCTV system. It's possible to access the device via ethernet, and it will serve the CCTV onto a webpage. For IE it installs an ActiveX control called "WebView Remote" (they appear in IE's add-ons twice as "WebView Control" and "WebViewer Control"). The control allows you to manipulate various things on the CCTV system e.g. select footage from a different date/time, so it's particularly useful. If you use another browser e.g. Chrome, Firefox, the functionality is much more limited. So for good or for bad IE is by far the best browser to use.

    The problem though seems to be the stability of this add-on. It works on a couple of PCs, but on the majority tested it crashes IE. I have tried recreating profiles, removing the control, and installing on new PCs with no solution - it still continues to crash.

    By chance has anyone come across this control, or have any suggestions on what I could try?

    (Ganz technical support haven't responded)


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    This is an old thread, I know, but I have a Honeywell HREP16 DVR CCTV system - it uses what sounds like the same ActiveX control and it does the same thing - using IE8, the Honeywell Web Viewer constantly hangs up and fails to show anything on the screen. As with Gongalong's CCTV system, the ActiveX control reports as "WebViewer Control" dated 22/08/2011 19:42 and version, but without any other publisher information (Control name is not available) - a sure mark of an East-Asian manufacturer who chooses not to put his name on his handiwork. One wonders if the Ganz Digimaster DR16H and the Honeywell HREP16 are one and the same product (in different clothing) - and using the same flaky firmware.

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    I have the same with our Storage Options DVR. Now i just have a KVM with USB extender to my desk to pull off footage.

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    Anybody tried compatibility view. Or if you can virtualise ie7/8. Cctv software generally is not great quality.

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