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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, VGA and Televisions in Technical; We are planning to buy 2 TVs with VGA inputs for 1 big classroom that could potentially have a screen ...
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    VGA and Televisions

    We are planning to buy 2 TVs with VGA inputs for 1 big classroom that could potentially have a screen across and become 2 rooms temporarily.

    I would like to use these TVs like projectors, with a VGA input at either end of the room. BUT.... I would like (depending on classroom use) to be able to choose the TV to display on. To keep things simple:

    Input 1 goes to either TV 1 or both
    Input 2 goes to either TV 2 or both

    So that if the whole room is used then either input goes to both TV simultaneously or if its split into 2 rooms then Input 1 goes to TV 1 etc.

    Does anyone know if this is possible? Bearing in mind it's possible that people with low technical knowledge might be using this setup.

    Just to add matters, just so you know, we plan to purchase 2 Apple TVs as well - 1 for each tele to be connected through HDMI.


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    Yes. It's possible to configure it for what you'd like to achieve with the use of switcher/scalers, matrix units and touch control panels from the likes of Crestron/AMX. To make it work well you're best getting an AV company in to do the work. It won't be cheap but they know what they're doing when it comes to things like this!

    PM me if you want details of some companies.

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