I've just bought a small stereo mixer and have the following connected to it:

CD Player 1
CD Plater 2
Set of RCA splitters to enable both a MiniDisc and Tape Deck into one input (not both at the same time)
Laptop - fed from the Line Out of a Behringer UCA-222

The mixer has two outputs - one for an amp, which I'm using to run a set of cables from to an old Yamaha amp. The second is a record output. I'm running this into the Line In of the Behringer UCA-222 which is connected to the same laptop above.

Recording either using Audition or Audcaity gives some odd results. If I use the mic, via the mixer. all is fine. If I playback music from iTunes, whilst adjusting the level via the stereo mixer, the recorded output is very very distorted. The same happens when using the Mic In on the laptop's built-in soundcard.

Can't seem to fathom this one out - the laptop is running Windows 7 Pro x64. What I think is happening is that the output from iTunes is being recorded twice - once via the mixer and once via the computer into the same recording.

The only recording of iTunes output I want to make is from the mixer, so that I can control levels and fade down etc. for voice over. Has anyoe any ideas as to how to go about this and as to whether I'm doing something daft (quite possible) .

Any pointers much appreciated!