Hello there,
We use Serif Movie Plus X3 software in out IT Suite's for movie editing. We are having the problem where a number of students are unable to import .mov files into the library on all the machines. Using our test student account (which is in in the same OU) it works fine. This is what we have tried so far:

Forcing the student account, and the test student account to pickup the default profile - Test account works, Student account doesn't
Pointing the home directory of the student account to the test account - Student account does not work
Uninstalling Movie Plus and QuickTime. Deleting anything relating to Movie Plus (App Data etc) and going through the registry. Re-installing Movie Plus (and the recommend QuickTime included in the Movie Plus Installer)
From what we have done, i think we have eliminated anything to do with the profile and/or home directory, and also eliminated anything to do with the hardware/software.

We also know that adding the Student to the domain admins group, we can make this work, and also accessing the file from the local drives makes it work too. It seems that it is something to do with the file on the Home Directory of the user?

Any help would be much appreciated.