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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, Radio Mics in Technical; As the school production is looming, I've been asked to order some radio microphones as ours are now illegal since ...
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    Radio Mics

    As the school production is looming, I've been asked to order some radio microphones as ours are now illegal since all the frequencies changed during digital switchover (there does, unsurprisingly, now seem to be more interference on the ones we've got).I need at least three receivers and belt packs, plus a hand held mic (currently we have a dB VH210M2 for this) and receiver... but I don't really know where to start as, although I do have a theatre technical background, I'm a lighting man and although I can hold the sound desk together during a show I've never bought or specced kit for it before! Do you buy them as a "matched set", or as individual bits and match up the frequencies, or what?; and where from?!Someone must have done this recently as all radio mics over a couple of years old will have this issue soon or already.(too embarrassed to post in the blue room till I know what I'm asking)
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    Give Martin or Tim at Audioworks (Audioworks - Audio and Audio Visual - PA Systems - Induction Loop Systems - Installation - Lancaster) a call - they are really helpful. We have used them loads and they have always been outstanding.

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    Depending on the type of radio mics you already have you can still use deregulated license free spectrum (863-865MHz) which should allow you to use three or four channels.

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    We have used Pro audio equipment | Audio and music recording equipment | PA Speaker systems for sale for a couple of things lately and been really impressed.

    One was a learning gallery with ceiling mounted microphones and the other was for new microphone equipment for our production / main hall.

    Jonathan Coates is who we deal with.

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    As written above, if your mics are UHF and were used in the licensed Ch69, you can probably use them in the license exempt Ch70 now, provided there aren't too many other users nearby. I'm not sure what happened to the old VHF frequencies.

    I'd look at Canford first, work out what you want, then shop around. They aren't cheap, but their catalogue is full of useful info and grade A kit. The mid-range Sennheiser stuff is hard to beat for quality/cost.

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    As Andrew_C says the Sennheiser UHF mics are good value. Some years ago when I looked after a church sound system we had awful problems with VHF mics, I then replaced them with UHF and never had a problem again. I will only get UHF mics from now on due to all the problems I used to have.

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