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AV and Multimedia Related Thread, How do you store your headphones? in Technical; Hi All, We have 2 IT Suites one with 16 one with 32 PC's each computer has a set of ...
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    How do you store your headphones?

    Hi All,

    We have 2 IT Suites one with 16 one with 32 PC's each computer has a set of headphones but it seems like everyday a headset is broke or they just end up in a big mess of wires!

    How do you store your IT Room headphones?



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    I've got them in individual bags in a box in the corner. It's working well so far. But then at my school there is a zero likelyhood of them getting nicked.

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    I've tried bags, and hooks, and goodness knows what-all and it comes down to the teacher. If a teacher is prepared to hand out the headphones, either in a bag or not, and count them back in again then all will be well, if not...!
    The best method so far is a high bar on the wall that we hook the headphones on, with a lower bar closer in to tuck the cables behind. Most children aren't tall enough to reach them so the teacher has to hand them out.
    We keep a set of less nice ones for children using the IT suite outside teaching hours.

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