Follett International is pleased to introduce Dylan Jones to its global team, heading up UK market development. Jones was previously the Managing Director at itslearning (UK) and led the company to an “itslearning Platform listing” on the IMLS government framework. He brings 13 years of experience working in the UK ICT education field. “I look forward to using the skills I have learned as Managing Director of itslearning and the knowledge gained in educational content, learning platform and MIS fields to continue to bring innovation and positive change to the UK education sector.”

Dylan will now head up UK business development for Aspen, Follett's next generation MIS and Learning Platform. Dylan will manage relations with Follett's UK partners BT and Novatia and will inform Follett's longer term UK education market strategy to secure improved learning outcomes for UK students. In time, Dylan will introduce Follett's broader capabilities to the UK education landscape in areas such as library management, learning resources, and eCommerce, all in sync with Follett's UK professional services, publishing and marketing partners.

Dylan is glad to be joining the Follett team and excited to build on Aspen’s UK customer base. “The team at Follett International has a great approach, working with the right customers in the right market at the right time. The UK is a great place for Aspen and I look forward to working with the Follett team to make a positive impact on the lives of students, parents and teachers.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Follett’s latest agreement bringing Stephen Cox on board as the Director of Learning and Business Development in the Middle East. Follett is continuing to expand its local presence around the world with employees, business partners, and consultants.