Recently Follett announced the Aspen Forum UK conference to all customers and associates. We have had such a huge interest both in the conference and the product that we have decided to open part of the conference up to prospective schools interested in knowing more about Aspen MIS, giving the opportunity to network with current and new schools using Aspen MIS, find out the migration story and successes, and talk to the foremost experts inside and outside of Follett about the next big MIS to enter the market.

This is an afternoon session (a break off from the main day) being held in Birmingham on Friday 28th September. We literally now have a few spaces only (so first come first serve!) for schools who may want to have a demonstration of Aspen MIS and talk to experts and existing users.

This is the first UK Aspen conference and so 'was' limited to just customers and a select few industry experts, but with the huge interest (and issues with competitors naming no names!) we have extended to a group demo session.

Any and all interest must go through me, please PM me to get details of when and where.