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    Recommend a couple of decent WLAN points

    Enterprise class to handle up to 100 devices wireless G/N, not centrally managed.

    Going to be used as a stop gap in mobile class rooms,

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    All staff emails

    Ha ha, so I'm not alone. I was chatting to another IT manager last week, that school still use sims for similar purposes so I guess that's a blessing.

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    All staff emails

    Sheesh I wish I had your problems, staff can barely login to their email, let alone communicate over it.

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    Scratch 2.0 Install Method (no .msi)

    [MENTION=1839]Arthur[/MENTION], would you be willing to share the process/steps for creating your MSI package? I think it would be of great benefit to

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    Cancelling Sky TV

    £65 wow we got up to £35 which was too much although that's without movie or sports as movies is cheaper on nowtv now pay £25 for same deal.

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