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And so, our story begins...

I totally love you, man...

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by , 27th April 2012 at 09:40 AM (1873 Views)

Following on from here.

Our head has upped his game. No longer is he simply a pretty cool guy. Now he trolls [company] and doesn't afraid of anything.

That's right. ANYTHING.

We've been having issues because of one particular company [Which I'm not naming...] So our HT, instead of doing what I'm used to seeing from other heads [Which would be precisely [censored] all] he's been sending e-mails off to the company, bypassing the faceless drones and going straight for the jugular managers.

So far the company aren't happy with him... All because of 1 e-mail... In which he implied they were idiots.

He isn't happy with them either... Because they take their time dealing with problems... Problems we don't want them taking their time over.

I've also been reading our new SLA... It looks like they [Still the same company] are trying to take over my job.

At present they pretty much run this LEA...

On a less world-dominationy note... our HT also sent out a mass e-mail in which he called a member of staff a scum bag... Or not... It was a "I was going to call you this, but it'd be offensive to that group."

>INB4 Righteous indignation!

The e-mail was sent out after, once again, people's lunches and other things [like charity money] had been stolen by someone. [we have no idea who it was]

I love my boss... He's awesome.

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    Whatever you're on, i'll have two.
  2. X-13's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by basicchannel
    Whatever you're on, i'll have two.
    It's called strawberry meth Chocolate heroin Ponies.
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    Dam this site and its lack of 'like' buttons!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bondbill2k2
    Dam this site and its lack of 'like' buttons!
    Damn these comments... and their lack of a "like" button.
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    Your head sounds awesome.


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