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And so, our story begins...

And that's the end of that...

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by , 1st February 2012 at 09:35 AM (1991 Views)
Well that sucks.

I've had to convert the head-node into a CC3 desktop because one has died [power supply failure] and I've also had to rip the power button from one of the nodes.

That brings it down to 3 computers I can use. While it's stil possible, I think, the fact they're RM F-series and weak beyond belief[/opinion] would render any added power from the clustering moot.

Sorry to anyone who was actually interested.

The project is dead. Long live the project.

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  1. mjs_mjs's Avatar
    not necessarily - if u can make the head node from an f-series and then get any other node to pxe book into a diskless mode and run purely in RAM, then you can use allot of computers overnight. - you could also look at a dual boot scenario (default to windows) then have a script which runs (at say 8pm) to boot all machines into the cluster OS and another to get them back to windows (at say 4am).
  2. X-13's Avatar
    This was still the "learn about clusters and Linux" phase.

    That level of shenanigans isn't something I'm comfortable attempting yet. [I don't want to be the guy that kills ALL the computers... and the network.]
  3. dwhyte85's Avatar
    I cared... perhaps too much...

    One day you will build the dream cluster... one day.
  4. januttall's Avatar
    theres a live cd of debian that will create clusters from pxe booting machines they dont need hdd's and this shuld work on any machine ive not used it myself how ever much ive wanted to ive never goten round to it but it might be worth giving it a go.
    BCCD | Bootable Cluster CD


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