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And so, our story begins...


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by , 13th January 2012 at 12:51 PM (1349 Views)
Cluster server is go.

At least premission has been given, and the powers that be think the LAN MMO idea is a good one. [Still trying to find one... here's hoping BETT can help.]

For those who are curious, for this experiment I will be using:

10 RM F-series as nodes [Which I can't find full specs for...]

Some sort of ex-admin Dell as the controller. We've got a couple sitting about.

Cisco Catalyst 2950 [24 switch]

OS will more than likely be some sort of Linux as getting licences for connections to the cluster just for an experiment/test is foolish.

Possibly VLAN, not sure though, I've never set one up and I'm not sure how they work... [#BadTech]

Full documentation will be made available after the fact, should I remember to document what I do and/or remember to post it.

If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to post them. I could use all the help I can get.

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