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And so, our story begins...

10 node cluster server.

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by , 11th January 2012 at 12:41 PM (2369 Views)
I'm thinking of making one at work.

Think of it as CPD, if you like.

We have 10 old RM computers [F-series] just sitting there gathering dust.

We also have 4 switches sitting around, plus a lot of various cables.

Our head would probably let me do it... But, I can't think of a use for it...

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  1. CAM's Avatar
    That's why you do it for the hell of it. Never know what you might learn.
  2. X-13's Avatar
    Indeed, that was the original plan.

    But, then I though... Why not make something that can actually be used!

    Perhaps I'll turn it into a cloud mmo LAN server for pupils... though 10x the processing power of an F-series is probably still not enough to run a decent mmo.
  3. mjs_mjs's Avatar
    hey there - do research on beowulf clusters - i used to be a member of their mailing list and discussed lots of things on there relating to what you're trying to do. I think there is an premade linux distro for making a beowulf cluster (computers connected by lan).

    Will be interested to hear alot about this!
  4. X-13's Avatar
    The planning stage of PROJECT BORG starts on Monday.

    I've been looking into Beowolf clusters and it seems like that's where I'm heading.


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