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Sixth Form Centre - ideas

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by , 13th November 2013 at 04:49 PM (8875 Views)
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By the looks of it, our vision of BYOD is completely different to a lot of peoples.

We started roll out to the sixth form this September. For us we wanted students to use their own devices in the way they are used to using them, if they want to use pages on their mac, then fine, if they use evernote on an android tablet that is fine. Being comfortable and knowing how to perform a task on software and a device is for us a positive thing, if a student can do a task in five minutes using what they are comfortable with rather than struggling with school software they don't understand, it increases productivity with students. We don't simply want their devices to be a gateway to rds servers. We do provide access to RDS servers and remote apps but they are not essential or necessary for the system. What we look at ourselves as, is a "service Provider". We provide a filtered internet access, which includes being able to filter app traffic, ability to web print, access to VLE, email etc. Yes there are risks and yes we don't have a uber MDM that blocks out all apps etc but we deal with issues like any other issue. Not every problem has to be solved with a technological solution.

Our BYOD ssid is a VLAN and it traffic goes to our BYOD firewall, on here we define what gets forwarded to our main school firewall. Between this firewall and our main firewall is a Transparent filter (untangle) this provides us with web filter, application control, virus blocker, spyware blocker, bandwidth control and the Captive portal. The main firewall then routes information either off to the internet or to our internal servers and again there are rules on this firewall to only allow access to servers and specific ports.

For this years trial we have not done any fancy radius authorisation, we simply have made an online form, which pupils fill out. This gets emailed to our helpdesk and we give their MAC address an IP. After this trial when we open access to the rest of the school, we will probably change this part of the system.

Take up is about 75% of sixth form at the present, but this is because we are working with the teaching staff to incorporate BYOD into their lessons, allowing pupils to use their devices in lessons and helping them to ensure lessons/resources etc are available on the VLE. Pupils still go onto 3G on their phones to get onto blocked sites, but heh ho kids have always done this when they can get away with it so really it has not changed anything. Have we had increase in bullying and cyber bullying..... no. Have we had damages\thefts of own device stuff? NO but what we have got is less booking of the school sixth form laptops, which have benefitted the lower schools, as we can deploy them in busy periods to the lower schools.

It is important that you have policies in place and an agreed action plan with punishments set out, so everybody knows where they stand.

I forgot to mention, we don't allow charging during the day or using chargers. Devices must be charged and ready to use. If they run out of power because they have been messing around in lunchtime with their device then they learn the hardway. Since most tablets/phones use usb charging we are looking into possible providing USB charging lockers, where they can plug in the relevant cable to their device to charge at lunch time, but this as I said this is a possibility in the future.


  1. mavhc's Avatar
    Why don't you allow chargers/charging?
  2. winng's Avatar
    Health & Safety - the chargers and/or devices will not have been PAT tested
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