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ICT Curriculum (Raspberry Pi) / Infrastructure - Another way?

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by , 14th May 2012 at 11:04 AM (9826 Views)
I work for a Midlands based technology company that has been delivering Open Source solutions for over a decade. They are a well established company with a valued ethos and I have been with them for around 10 years!

Recently, it became obvious that there was a large percentage of Schools who did not know we existed (marketing was never something we needed to do!), with this in mind we decided it was about time we let these people know we were on their doorstep and that there was 'another way' of doing things!
Now I do not profess to be a salesman (I am the Communications Officer) but I genuinely believe in what this company offers and how much value it adds to other Businesses and educational establishments, with this belief in my message I started the process of calling to speak with ICT heads and network managers.
To cut a long story short, it became obvious (very quickly) just how many calls from sales representatives you guys must get on a daily basis! However, I also started to pick up on the problems and general feeling amongst ICT heads - the majority of which are under real pressure right now.

My message has real value for schools and I am passionate about delivering that message!

The purpose of this blog?
As you can see, I have not put any link in this blog or reference to company names. I am genuinely interested in your views. As ICT heads / network managers, how can I make you aware that there is a company who really cares about the solutions within Schools and long term relationships? It is easy for most callers to say 'its not a sales call', but ultimately everything is related to sales - however, I believe a relationship sale is a different animal!

I do relationships which sometimes lead to sales.




  1. AButters's Avatar
    Main problem is. Every company says they care and also nowadays every company is good at selling you stuff next day.

    Its only when using them for 6+ months and getting a couple of returns in that will tell you if they are actually any good.

    It is not possible for me to trial the 50+ companies that keep phoning me up in order to see if they are any good or not. It's also not possible for me to speak to all of them on the phone as every one wants a 15 minute conversation and if I gave 15 mins to each company I would not get any work done during the day. So don't get offended if I don't take your call, and don't get offended if I don't ring you back!

    All I need to know, is you exist, and where to get hold of you. If I need something you offer I will be sure to contact you, NOT the other way round.
  2. Whocareswins2002's Avatar
    Thank you for your response - I appreciate your feedback.

  3. paulellam's Avatar
    I understand how difficult it can be for you guys to get into contact with us Net Managers. I used to do a similar role when I worked in business.

    Nowadays I get calls hourly from X,Y and Z and I,m always honest enough to say that I use a few suppliers who I have built up a relationship with and are loyal as I can be to them as I hope they are too me. I,m not rude to any sales people, but sales reps are often rude to me when I dont have time to talk to them.

    However, the telephone manner can help, I dont know what you telephone manner is like. I have had people ring up and ask straight away "how many pc,s in school, how many servers etc' and my reply is the same 'why would I tell a complete stranger how much expensive kit is sat in our school?'

    I do however look at all my post, might put the usual irrelevant stuff like 'car leasing for business' junk in the recycling bin but I do open all and have been intrigued or interested in products I havent come across before.

    Timing of calls can be crucial, I get loads Monday morning (my busiest time) and loads at lunch (when I,m on Lunch!). Maybe this could be taken into account. We have a good recpetion here who dont fall for the usual 'I,m returning the IT chaps call' but they dont know my name mullarky.

    I would say mailshots land on my desk, referals work well, exposure on sites like this are good, and calls in my quiet periods stand a chance.



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