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iTunes Music Quiz

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by , 28th November 2008 at 11:29 PM (7042 Views)
Okay, so my sister has asked me to organise a music quiz as a party game this crimbo based on the contents of my infamous iTunes library.

I thought I'd search the net to see if there's a piece of software to help me do this.

Haven't (yet) found what I'm looking for but did find this quiz which I thought would make a good blog entry. Feel free to try the quiz yourself and post your results as a comment

How Meny Songs in Total?

Sort by Title - What's the first and last song?
Abacab by Genesis
54321 by Manfred Man

Sort by Artist - Whose the first and last artist?

Sort by Time - What's the first and last song?
Blag by Smile (15sec)
I'd Do Anything for Love by Meat Loaf (11min 59sec)

Sort by Album - What's the first and last album?
Abacab by Genesis
2300 Jackson Street by The Jacksons

Top 5 Played Songs
Walk Unafraid by R.E.M. - 95 plays
Supernatural Superserious by R.E.M. - 68 plays
Outsiders by R.E.M. - 67 plays
Wanderlust by R.E.M. - 66 plays
Me in Honey by R.E.M. - 64 plays

Find "Sex" - How many songs?

Find "Death" - How many songs?

Find "Love" - How many songs?

Try and put as many letters as you can into the search, with spaces in between each letter, if one letter takes all the selections out, skip it, and continue, until you’ve got as many as possible.

Which songs are left?
Time Drags By - Cliff Richard
Breakin' Away - Joe Fagin
Fresh - Cool & The Gang
Give It Away - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Universally Speaking - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Dancing On The Lip Of A Volcano - New York Dolls

What Letters Were Used?
a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p r s t u v w y

I'm adding the following for completion

Sort by Year - What's the first and last song?
Toccata in D Minor by Bach (1714)
Wounded in All The Right Places - 1 Giant Leap (2008)

Sort by Date Added - What's the first and last song?
'74-'75 by The Connells
Glass of Water by Coldplay


  1. garethedmondson's Avatar
    WHen we are sometimes sat in front of the tv, my wife and I will sometimes play 'GUess the tune' with the Top 100 tracks in iTUnes. I play 10 seconds and she gets one point for the artist and one for the name of the song.

    Mundane fun LOLOLOL.
  2. tmcd35's Avatar
    Thanks Gareth,

    We've done that in previous years, but I was looking for something to automate the process. Couldn't find anything. Thinking of coding something up in Applescript to automate the process - but then I think, what about a fontend/GUI and the whole project takes a huge step forward in complexity!


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