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The problem with the Playstation 4

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by , 8th November 2008 at 05:46 PM (1834 Views)
So, I'm an avid music fan (understatement) and I own a PS3. Putting these two facts together mean I naturally like a certain type of game - Singstar and Rock Band. I'm counting the days till the release of Guitar Hero World Tour.

My PS3 has a 40Gb hard disk that must be getting quite full now with all the songs have been downloading for the aforementioned games. So next spring I plan to get a 500Gb hard drive and a PlayTV tuner.

The PS3 will become my complete media center. Music/Video/Photos streamed from my mac. Twin tuner freeview PVR. Blu-Ray and DVD Player. Games consoles and er, Karaoke machine

What's this got to do with the PS4 I hear you cry? I mean, it's not even designed yet let alone been given a release date! Let me explain...

I'm sitting here on a quiet Saturday afternoon downloading some tracks to annoy my neighbours with while I wait the days for Guitar Hero World Tour to arrive.

At some point the world will move on and my beloved PS3 will be replaced by a PS4. While I still have a PS3 I'm not concerned with new versions of my favorite games. Rock Band 2 will play tracks from Rock Band 1, as downloads for Singstar play on all three versions and like whys Guitar Hero downloads will play in future versions of the game. Good stuff!

But when I get my PS4 with Rock Band 6, Guitar Hero Universe Tour and Singstar PS4 vol 1. What of my downloaded tracks then?

Would the PS4 versions of the games themselves be backwards compatible with the track downloads? If they are how do I get them on the PS4?

Will I have to pay for the tracks and download them again? Paying for the tracks again is initially the bit I don't like. I'm going to spend a small fortune on these games over the next 4 years! I can't help myself. But to have to pay for them again?

But what if I don't have to buy them again? Will I have to spend hours re-downloading 100's of tracks for these three games onto a new hard drive? Or will I be able to take the HDD out of the PS3 and plug it straight into the PS4?

Obviously, nobody's going to know the answers to these questions for at least another 3 or 4 years.

You would have thought, the sudden realisation that in 4 years time I'm going to get screwed by Sony would make me stop paying all this money out on these downloads. But you know what, I'm addicted - I can't help myself, the downloads will continue.

I just hope my bank manager understands!



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