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Projects - A new begining

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by , 16th May 2009 at 08:51 AM (1711 Views)
I've been meaning to start a (semi-)regular blog for quiet a while. The problem is having something of interest, at least to myself, to blog about.

Well as it turns out I have several projects on the go. Some are in a very embryonic stage, others are nearing completion.

I thought I'd start with a list of projects under way and then over the next how ever many blogs tackle each subject as the mood takes me and the projects progress.

Goodbye WinSuite
Perhaps the single most important project I am currently working on. To remove WinSuite - excise the demon - from our network and replace it with a proper vanilla Windows 2003R2 AD infrastructure.

Windows 7 Migration
This is a very long term project that takes in a number of 'mini' projects along the way. In fact the previous project, Goodbye WinSuite, is one of the so called 'mini' projects to this goal.

The plan is to move from Windows XP SP3 on the desktop to Windows 7 in 2011.

Server 2008R2
The move from Window 2003R2 to 2008R2 is really a 'mini' project for two others. It is to support the Windows 7 Migrations and support the server rooms move into Virtualisation.

The move from Office 2000 (yes, that's right I said 2000) to Office ??? Okay, I'm trying to push OpenOffice. Office XP seems to have come along as a consensus. Can I ween the school off of M$ or do I have to re-write the budget canceling, or seriously crippling a number of other projects?

One of the most important projects of in modern server room. The move from a Physical to Virtual server environment. This is quiet a mature project know and I am blessed to be involved with planning the move completely from scratch for this second time (the first being my last schools Virtualisation project).

VLE's, Websites and Fronter
If Virtualisation is the new buzzword in the Server Room, then VLE is the new buzzword in the classroom. Our school is tentatively treading these boards, along with a new website, and Fronter is the name of the beast we are taming.

Room Builds
All schools have a refesh program. These can be interesting too. Ours is over four years. One lab a year. It's Lab One this year!

Desktop Virtualisation
This is an old paradigm made new, and quickly becoming the successor to Server Virtulisation for those in the know. The very idea, if implemented correctly, strikes a chord with every Systems Admin. The problem is implementing correctly! We're currently looking at 'Multi-Seat Computing'. nComputing and SoftXpand are the two key players here. Is this all gonna end in tears?

Okay, a bit behind the times here. But we are at least talking about changing our MIS. Maybe we'll do it before finding out the current one is not Windows 7 compatible? XPM mode?

I may have one or two words to say on this subject, I don't know.

A personal project. I want my own OS. Linux From Scratch involved to much compiling. NetBSD on the other hand, now there's a good starting point for your own bespoke OS install.

Well that's the current list. As you can see there is a lot going on. Certainly a few things that could be worth blogging as these projects mature.

And I get to use big words like 'paradigm'...

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  1. BrianG's Avatar
    I would dearly love to get rid of Winsuite at one of my schools but unfortunately the head teacher thinks it's brilliant. I hate it with a passion.
  2. BrianG's Avatar
    There is a very strong argument for using OpenOffice in schools. Unlike shifting the entire OS onto open source, which would scare most teaching staff to death, Openoffice, for the end user and not to technically minded, is very very similar to Office. It offers much of the same options and facilities and because you can save to an Office format there should be no compatability issues.

    How much a year would it save you? not having to go down the office route?
  3. tmcd35's Avatar
    Firstly Brian - Take a base ball bat and gently apply it to your heads head until he caves in and agrees how bad WinSuite is. Seriously, convince him that you need to move to Win7 ASAP to stay up with modern tech. Then, as an after thought, mention WinSuite is not Win7 compatible. Whatever you do, get rid of it!!!

    As for OpenOffice. To upgrade all machines to the current version of M$ Office would cost us £12k. Thankfully M$ only release new version every 3 years and we can skip versions. So £12k every 6 years. The problem is £12k is a computer suite! I'd rather replace old hardware than waist £12k on a piece of software we don't really need, do we?
  4. BrianG's Avatar
    You're right, I'd much rather put the 12K to good use and buy hardware and software that is going to be of more use, than hand it over to microsoft for Office. Open office is the way to go !

    I can understand, from the teachers point of view, they haven't had a techie for months and they find administering things using winsuite to be quite easy and agreeable but from a technical point of view it's a complete nightmare. I will be trying my best to get rid of it


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