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Some things from the field for SCCM saving my bacon on a massive system deployment...

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by , 11th August 2011 at 10:29 PM (8099 Views)
So, as you will have gathered from my recent blog posts... there is some serious systems change happening at my place!

Quite simply put - without SCCM and Windows Thin PC, there is no way I could have got it done.

THat being said... there were a few times I was pulling may hair out with it! So, this post is a heads up on what might go wrong... and in no particular order...

1. Error 8004005 - Cannot retrieve policy for this computer and a reboot before even getting to task sequence choices in OSD. THis pain is often caused by an incorrect Network Access Account, or in my case - the account had got locked out. Grrr! For info - 8004005 generally means access denied so go on the permissions and account checking (or in packages, DP checking)...

2. SCCM Client not installing Error 1635 in Windows Event log. This one comes up when, like me you are trying to integrate the R3 (or any other Client updates) hotfix into your OSD task sequence. This was a head scratcher, but was fixed by changing the properties of the step in the task sequence. The correct property is PATCH="C:\_SMSTaskSequence\OSD\<PACKAGEID in SCCM>\i386\hotfix\KB977384\ sccm2007ac-sp2-kb977384-x86-enu.msp"

3. FEP via OSD - by default, this one will bomb your TS. And just when you think youve fixed it, unless you update to Update Rollup 1 - then your Windows Thin PCs will bomb as well! So... the fix...! Firstly - update to UR1. There is a pre-requisite, and then the UR itself is made up of three separate updates. Link here:

Next, create a new program in the deployment package. The program is "FEPInstall.exe /s /q" (without the quotes). I know thats not what it says on this article ( but it doesnt work if you do that - not on UR1 anyway! Also - very important... the Program name is InstallFEPviaOSD... or no default policy.

Thats it for now... well tomorrow... when i will add a few more gotchas - but I dont have all the details to hand. Hope this helps...

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  1. ful56_uk's Avatar
    Thanks for the info on the fep stuff. That was doing my nut in


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