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Setting up my new system...

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by , 21st July 2011 at 10:24 AM (3415 Views)
OK - so some of you now know I moved on from my last School - where I was very vocal with Sharepoint and later SCCM.

Well, now at my new Academy - we are going to get down and dirt with virtualization as well. You may have seen my last post about SCCM and AppV; and also Windows Thin PC - which is part of the story, and also our testing and QA process.

Whats going in then? Well, to sort out the underpowering on the Server side - incoming 2 x Dell R710s with 300gb Raid and 128GB RAM; and an MD3200i with 8 x 2TB SAS yet to decide on the arrangement on there - but there will be separate VHD storage, SQL Stream and User Data storage.

This will be used to virtualize the Server Platform. Exchange will go onto it (splitting DB from CAS - currently single server) and being upgraded to 2010 SP1 at the same time from 2007. SCCM will go over too. Currely single server from our testing and QA - but its a simple migrate; it will also become a two server platform. SQL will be clustered - hosting SCCM, Forefront, SIMS, Eclipse and TMG databases. It will also later hold Sharepoint databases too - but that one will be setup towards the end of the summer - again a two server structure. DFS for User Data access will move off the two physical DCs, leaving them to do just DC work. There will also be a RDS Farm for the Thin Client system - which I will come back too. Also moving onto the virtual platform will be the Runtime software share and your old style Staff/Student shares. These will go DFS too, with replication.

Thin Client then... two different ways being used. The Windows THin PC section - reusing some older equipment namely some Celeron 2.6 RM Ones, and IBM SFF ThinkStation Celeron 2.9s. Runs nicely. Then, for our Admin section - Wyse T50s, some dual screened. The T50s come with the VESA mount kits and will be attached to the back of the TFTs.

On the dual screening - heres how:
Remote Desktop Connection supports high-resolution displays that can be spanned across multiple monitors. The monitors must be the same resolution and aligned side by side. To have the remote computer's desktop span multiple monitors, type Mstsc /span at a command prompt.
I didnt know that!

Anyway, wish me luck! Oh, and the whole platform for the site is moving to Windows 7 too. System Centre will be doing that upgrade for me though, easy peasy! And app installs are a dream, as most of my apps are actually AppV apps. Helps as my RDS servers then wont actually have the apps installed on them either!

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