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Laptop House Education Show: 17th June 2011

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by , 24th June 2011 at 10:45 AM (6934 Views)
Laptop House Education Show: 17th June 2011

After a break of two years, it was time for these guys to have another Trade Show. Like last time, they didn’t disappoint! So, first for a bit of an intro…

Laptop House are an independent IT equipment reseller founded in March 2002; and based just outside Stoke on Trent. They are able to supply major brands including Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, Sony, Apple, Fujitsu & IBM, Promethean, Bretford, Smart and many more.

Also on offer are additional services, such as Installation, leasing facilities and insurance cover for "ALL" your IT products including any special projects. A combination of "First Class" service (with next day delivery as standard) have earned a reputation for excellence, receiving regular referrals from satisfied customers and now have a client base throughout the UK, extending to almost every county and still ever growing.

Right… onto the show itself. With Laptop House being a partner with HP and Acer – there was a good presence from them. Of particular interest was HPs Thin Client range. Through their links, Ive set up (or will hopefully be setting up) evals of the kit for my own virtualization project. And that’s the great thing – its being seen as a project, and getting the full backing and support of the HP specialists.

Acer meanwhile were showing off their new tablet range; and looking at the options with their ever growing Veriton PCs – including the newer small form factor and the NetTop Boxes. It shows the view from Acer of the event when the UK EDU Manager was there, and brilliant she was too.

Both Acer and HP have started OEM-ing NetSchool recently, as you may have read on the forums. Well, they also had their own stand, with tech and sales support staff present. Very useful discussions on how to quickly and easily get the product (whether it be the full one, the lite that HP supply or the ACM version that Acer use) onto your system. They also had a presentation slot on getting the best from the product.

Samsung were demoing their ultra portable laptop range, as were MSI. Great to see the moves in the market these guys are making – and giving good pricing support to education too.

Sonicwall were demoing their appliances, as well as giving a presentation on using it and the risks of network and internet security. A mover in the market Ive not seen before – but interesting all the same. I can see this territory being more relevant where Academies move away from their RBC for internet provision.

There were others present too – some which I will have forgotten to mention, so apologies to them. As usual, the Laptop House staff themselves were on top form – including the chance to meet the family! All those in EduGeek conferences know how dangerous meeting the family is (legendary still is @littleMiss from BETT2011).

So… all that remains is to thank Angela (MD) and my account manager (Mat) – and the rest of the team for a great day. The contacts from the day are already helping – and its only Monday!

Ooooh, I almost forgot to mention the food! Thanks also must go to the caterers for the Hog Roast; and to Angela and her mum for the supply of cakes and drinks.

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