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AppV Updates...

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by , 21st June 2011 at 06:31 PM (5233 Views)
Ok, so after I left you all wondering on the AppV score - I thought it was about time to show where we had go to...

Well - progress is good, very good! AppV (as if it needed any more ranting and raving) is a seriously cool piece of kit. Take this one problem... using CS4 on out ICT Suite machines and to bring in CS5 would bring a learning curve for staff and students alike. Well, what if you could run the two side by side. Normally, not a chance, but with AppV you can. CS4 sequences rather nicely (think of sequencing like packaging), CS5 is still full install at the moment. So - both can run on the machines independantly of eachother - everyone is happy.

Digital Blue is also sequenced up too. Why... well it can be a pain of a bit of software, so to separate it from the OS makes life a lit easier. Same applies to DLK MathsWorks. Anyone who has come across that gem will know what I mean.

So you see, you can use it for co-existing software versions, pain in the behind software, and in the case of Office 2010 - software which is just slow to install.

Office 2010 has some gotchas tho - mainly in that its Licence protection is its downfall. Never fear though - MS have done their homework on sorting it (as you would expect)... and here is how to do it...
and the support files are

Its very well explained... just click along :-)

For those interested... full list of main Apps sequenced so far...

Office 2010
Adobe CS4
Digital Blue
Adobe Reader X
DLK MathsWorks
Media Player Classic

and there are other departmental ones (I will update with those)


  1. internetuser's Avatar
    How does Adobe CS5 run over this ?
  2. TheScarfedOne's Avatar
    CS 4 and CS 5 both run fine. The only thing is make sure you sequence for the appropriate platform - ie. the 64 bit Adobe bits on Server (we use RDS a lot for Thin Client); and 32 bit Adobe bits else where.


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