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Pastures new, and time to start from scratch...

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by , 15th June 2011 at 05:25 PM (4082 Views)
So, yet again I find myself starting my blog with "Ive not written in ages, and here's why..."...!

Well, first off - Ive moved workplaces. A number of you will already know that - but this blog is going to concentrate on essentially the setup of a new network on the side of the old one!

Why did I move on? Well, after 5 years, all that could be achieved had been - and the system which Id written from scratch (ably assisted by my senior) was in a good state ready for someone else to take on and do the next phase. I also wanted to move closer to home, although it was only a 30 min compute each way - that pales into insignificance when I can now walk to work :-)

Onto the nitty gritty of my "new" old system! 5 Servers - mostly 2008 R2, a juicy SAN for data storage and thats about it. The usual suspects of Exchange and the XP / 7 (to a lesser extent) combo. Remote installs by FOG. ISA for filtering and access to Webmail. Frog (underused) for a VLE and thats it on that score.

Workstations - lots of them, over 600! Mix of IBM, RM Ones, Acer Veritons and some custom SCL things. None of it too shabby, but in need of some TLC. Laptops is a bit more of a problem.

So, the plan...

Everyone knows Im an SCCM fanboy - and it was no surprise that it was one of the first things to come in. Handy that Id recently finished doing 7 - so Id already got all the bits I needed :-). New this time though was playing with AppV. With it being built into R2 SP2 - and there being big job on to repackage lots of apps (or put them into a single central "runtime from server" share) - it made sense to look at sequencing.

Guides for doing this by the way...

Read and follow those to the letter (and Id strongly advise having a VMWARE Player SCCM 7 Build to hand for it) and you will have it basically working in about 20mins :-)

Its seriously powerful, and the bonus is that you deploy the virtual apps in the same way as the physical ones. No faffing required! Just think... rather than a 10-15min Office 2010 install as part of your task sequence... use one of the Accelerators (some useful ones here: and you can cut that right down by virtualizing it!

So, once SCCM is in, and building machines to a new OU on the domain - what next...

Intranet time! Sharepoint makes sense (I know Frog is here, but word has it that it wont be here for long) - and we are in desparate need of an intranet for collaboration and external access. Even just to do electronic forms...

Next... workstations. Well, the RM Ones are the original version, the Celeron 2.6 ones. Not too bad - will run 7...slowly, but idea for use as thick "thin clients". As soon as I can get my mits on Windows Thin PC (replacement for Win FLP) - its getting put on them by.... you guessed it SCCM! Some grunt of new Virtualization Server Hardware (3 x R710s and 1 x MD3200i) will do the trick on that front. Looking at getting some proper thin clients too for admin, to cut costs and make best use of the hardware we have. Intel Core2Duo for admin is a little over, when Ive got one ICT suite I need to replace (Cel 2.6)...

On the servers front.... some to server hardware (as above) to be used for... Hyper V with some Terminal Servers (for thin client, maybe MultiPoint [for the classroom] which has my interest), Exchange 2010 (upgrade the current 2007 version), Software Servers and leave the two current physical servers which are connected to the SAN (doing User Data and DC work [eeek!]) to do just DC.

Laptops... will come back to those later - but if youve seen my previous posts on Windows 7 and Bitlocker, I think you get the picture.

I think that gives a good overview of whats going on - the main thing being playing with AppV with SCCM :-)

Any questions on SCCM, AppV...PM or email :-)



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