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Windows Movie Maker (the non-Live) version on Windows 7

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by , 21st February 2011 at 01:23 AM (11975 Views)
OK, I know the "old" XP version of Movie Maker wasnt the best - but as far as quick (ish), easy, and user friendly and FREE movie editting goes - it ticked the boxes. It also follows all the rules for Group Policy etc with no irritations unlike some commercial offerings.

Problem, Microsoft upset the EU Anti Trust bods, so no longer is it in newer versions. Ok, no biggy - lets use the new "Live" version. Er... no - its full of "Live" links and upload and signin rubblish. We have a sitewide ban on use of any of the "Live" services - incident with Messenger.

Problem then, other free options I thought. Pinnacle's free one looked ok, until I installed it and saw it was littered with trial and upgrade bits.

Grrrr, so just on the off chance I thought Id give google a quick whizz. Glad I did, and I hope this post saves you a lot of hassle! First point of call was this one - where we could compile and build our own Win 7 Package.

Then, this genius (and I can take no credit other than for finding and posting) went and released it all pre-done. Works a dream - and cos we use SCCM, out onto all my machines silently it does indeed go!!

Enjoy, and save yourself some hassle!!


  1. FN-GM's Avatar
    Just thought i would add that it works with Windows 8 as well as 7.
  2. TheScarfedOne's Avatar
    Thanks for the heads up@fn-gm...glad someone has done the tested for me.
  3. Tall_Paul's Avatar
    Probably a daft question, but how did you guys manage to get the exe to install silently?


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