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SCCM, Windows 7 and Bitlocker - Part 3

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by , 8th February 2011 at 01:36 PM (9469 Views)
Hello again everyone! Here is ther final part of my wee guide on getting SCCM, Windows 7 and Bitlocker all done together...! Sorry its taken a bit longer to get this updated, been busy on another project which I will blog about next

6. Well - Part 5 from the last post really - explaining the "fancy stuff" that happens after the build and main software drop...

The main thing going on here is the auto log in. This is needed to run a load of a load of first use stuff for my techies. So, what are we doing then?

Autologin stuff - run SetupSNK to add our WPA2 protected WLAN, run SCCM Client Configuration Control Panel applet, run SCCM Client Run Advertised Programs Control Panel applet, and presents a CMD window showing Bitlocker Status and then presenting the change pin screen (we set a default as part of the scripting).

Im fairly good with our code commenting, so just take a look at the attached vbs in a zip. This may need adjusting for your environment, so the usual warnings apply.

Java Update Policy Settings -
makes Java behave

Microsoft HTML Help Settings -
sets rights for HTML help files

oRipa Screen Reorder Settings -
sets the default save path for the screen recorder

Shockwave 11 Auto update -
makes Shockwave behave

Daemon Tools Run -
sets the environment for Daemon Tools

gm6file Settings -
sets file association for Gamemaker

Explorer Settings -
hides a load of the Windows 7 Library stuff which appears to the left of Explorer Windows

Known Folder Settings -
sets timeouts and reduces load times

Deletions for Librarys and Folder Redirection -
as it says on the tin. Win7 Folder redirection gets broken by an update. This fixes it!

AutoRun Login Settings -
does the Run Once autologin, SCCM Client, SCCM Run Adv. Progs, Bitlocker Status, Bitlocker Pin Change

Coming next from me, a nice little Visual Studio application to allow end users to change their Bitlocker Pin Codes without them being a local admin!! If they are, you may have noticed they can get at some unwanted options - like Wireless options!!
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