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Experiencing Slow Thoughput anywhere?

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by , 23rd June 2010 at 09:28 PM (2456 Views)
Ok, before you ask - I did not go AWOL! LOL - I'm still about, just taking a short break.... check, done.

Right... next odd thing - Im writing about something non-sharepoint! OK, no lynching me James...

Ever experienced a random complete slowdown? Well, it happens from time to time, and sometimes Im even lucky enough to nail it to a particular part of the network or group of machines. Either that or someone is doing some serious downloading - usually one of my techs with an ISO so they get something thrown at them (not that I support workplace violence [JOKE!!! before anyone comments] - they are those stress balls usually)...

Was catching up on a bit of random blog reading over on the MVP sites and came across this useful nugget...

Take a read, and then go and check how many of your machines have this PITA enabled. I was amazed. Not yet chance to put a fix in place - but a random check gave me some leads.

One to put in the pile of - ah, now I know - and I would never have thought it. Personally - the stress balls are still a good shout though.

Laters all, back to Sharepoint stuff soon. Oooh, wait - nope I think I feel another monster SCCM post coming on and also been working on Helpdesk and Integration stuff.

More soon.
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