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SCCM, Windows 7 and Bitlocker - Part 1

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by , 26th January 2011 at 08:43 PM (9161 Views)
Hello again everyone! Yep - Im still here, and after a little career break - back at it again. I spoke to quite a few people about Deploying Windows 7 (particularly including Bitlocker) on the EduGeek Stand at Bett (where I lurked with intent for most of the show)... so here is my complete guide to how it is done...

1. Make sure you have got SCCM set up properly.
Sounds simple doesnt it... well its often not quite as simple as it sounds. So, part one is going to deal mainly with getting SCCM set up properly to deploy OS images (and first how to get your "Gold" Windows 7 Image).

The recommended route, for doing a full scale deployment system, would be to have a separate SQL Server, SCCM Site System, and SCCM Distribution Partner system (which helps with sharing the load for deploying packages etc).

Best place to get the info on this... well rather than writing it all here, Im just going to credit the resource that got me up and running.

Read, and re-read the guide to get it set up. DO NOT skip any steps.

2. Getting your "Gold" Image.
Get your Windows 7 Enterprise DVD ready. Import it into SCCM (again use the guides above to get this right).

See the attached zip for the Task Sequence used to build.

Part 2 will deal with all the scripts and fandango Ive used to take the captured image, and put it on a machine. This is then Bitlockered, and put into an admin logon ready to configure (change the pin from a default we chose to the user chosen option) and allow us to choose other TS's to run.
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