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Long blog - and heres the reason why!

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by , 12th August 2009 at 12:29 PM (2421 Views)
OK - so I took over the blog a bit recently, what with my Sharepoint ramblings followed by my "Live from..." series.

Right... so whats been keeping me away from the blogging (no boos and hisses in the background thank you!!):

1. Replacing a load of switches:
Our core switches were all upgraded to Netgear GSM7212 - to provision our fibre. Next level out from this, we have just finished putting in GSM 7248/24 dependant on capacity. Why these? Well - we have a very good relationship with Netgear, these switches have all the L2 features and they are very reliable. Beyond that, at the far reaches of the network, we have the 750T2 and 724T2.

2. Rebuilding RIS:
You may have seen my previous post about the PITA that is a straight Server 08 Domain with RIS (the legacy mode flavour)... Read up on that if you are going to do it. At some point we will go WDS full - but going to tie that in with our Windows 7 deployment probably Easter.

3. New PCs and Rebuilds:
A load of DC7100s which needed images doing, fixing our D530s image, and the new load of ML115s. (Thanks John... plug plug for great service )

4. Sharepoint:
Yes, been busy with that again. My next post will have a load of screenies of our new layouts, and webparts. Lets jsut say our people have been busy. (Yep - theres a sorry to James in here too... I will get back to you mate - honest!!).

Right - thats just a fleeting post of whats been happening here...



  1. EduTech's Avatar
    Ah so that explains why you were not answering my phones calls and text messages ;-) you can have a break you know matey! i have some news for you lol!! yes it is to do with SharePoint hehe! its all good fun mate!


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