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Live from Learning Gateway Conference - Session 5

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by , 15th July 2009 at 05:49 PM (1567 Views)
Sharepoint Outside the Box
Twynham School

Main website and background
Went through all the revisions of Sharepoint Team Services >> MOSS.

Simple to upload content and make changes, for any user with access. Uploading content to document library, or making an announcement. Passing control back to the users.

Data/MIS Web parts

Demonstration for the MIS Webparts developed at Twynham. More information over on their site at

and also Richard over at Salamander ()


Federated search webparts for sharepoint. Infrastructure Update and SP2 for Sharepoint will add this functionality.

Use Wikis to build a KB for sharepoint. Can be used for ICT Helpdesk or Staff Handbook...

Media Streaming
Media streaming server, 2 front end servers (back end app server doubles as the media server). Media streaming has been in Windows Server since 2000, but superb in 2008.

Document library containing the .asx files pointing at the media server. The media (once converted to .wmv) is uploaded to the Media streaming server - with single access point. Create asx file to point at the server.

Licencing query brought up - ERA and ERA plus licencing requirements. Please see or check with your LA.

Remote App

Terminal Server 2008 Remote App, with a document library containing the .rdp files.



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