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Live at Learning Gateway Conference: Session 6

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by , 15th July 2009 at 06:24 PM (1662 Views)
Q and A Session with the Panel

1. Any lessons learnt of the lifecycle of developing with Sharepoint

- Get the taxonomy right, the layout of your site etc... (Twynham School Guys)

2. Can you move an exisiting Site Collection to be part of a new collection

- Shouldnt be a problem. If was a subsite, more complicated, but still possible.

3. Developing Webparts...any guide, or lots of publisher write them. If they dont meet your needs, can you change them? Any guide to getting on with webparts.

-Codeplex or MS Sharepoint can get the code, or guide your development. If you buy it, cant really edit. (Andrew)

-Recycle the Date Form Web part.

4. Codeplex, etc is there anything the community can put back in

-Needs the imput from the community. If people in the community are doing "good stuff" put it back in the development (Richard)

5. Microsoft Commitment to MLG/SLK?

-MS Announcement soon. Commitment exists. Still needs community involvement. (Andrew/Richard)

6. Is there going to be a forum developed from this meeting?

- Yes. Contact Alex (Alex).

7. Top quick win in implementing Sharepoint...

- Streaming media (Mike)
- Content sharing (Dave)
- Get someone to take ownership to drive (Andrew)
- Search
- Discussion board for Q's to build an FAQ
- Webpart for House Points (Richard)
- Relevant content for stakeholders (Alex)

8. Success of Portal use for Parents, and type of info expected

- Are they going to every day, and why? Holland school more advanced than any UK - book school trips, choices etc. Use email alerts to trigger usage. (Mike)

9. Seen slide deck a few times, and how great things are. What has gone wrong? Something which just didnt work.

- Taxonomy, first cut design
- If something doesnt work, danger of not using features which could be great by not working through something.
- 1st cut of timetable part, had teachers picture because of lack of consultation


10. What 1 thing would you like Sharepoint to do that it currently doesnt. What would you like in future version.

- Things like Wordpress easier. More user friendly(Mike)
- Number of page refreshes (Dave)
- Cross browser compatability (Andrew)
- File replication for disparate servers (i.e Content). Content syncronisation between sites.
- Reliable SPD
- Cross browser support (Richard)

Codeplex CKE for Wiki and Enhanced Blog Edition.

11. Said what we can do with Sharepoint. Anything we can back it up with.

- Avpoint
- Powershell scripts on Codeplex

Disaster Recovery or Content/Item/Site Level recovery. Need to do staged restore, not live restore onto production environment.

Microsoft DPM (more expensive, more complicated, but the best of breed. Covers SQL and Exchange also).

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