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Live from the Learning Gateway Conference - Session 2

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by , 15th July 2009 at 01:34 PM (2027 Views)
Unified Communications for the Learning Gateway

Office Communications Server... links to AD, providing presence information for the user.

Initiate chat/call session with user if available. Can be used for helpdesk....?

Linked with Sharepoint, can use functionality of Live Meeting to share the document or screen.

Unified Communications Technology

Microsoft UC Stack

-Exchange 2007 / Office Communications Server 2007

-Live Conferenceing/ Web Conferencing 2007


-OCS 2007 R2 (64 bit only)
Builds on Live Communications Server (adds Voice, Video, AV Conferencing....)

Case studies on Technet

Can do this as a single server internally, rather than a whole suite of servers.

AD / Monitoring Server / Archiving Server / Group Chat Server (or use Forums in SP??)

OCS: IM/Presence/Conferencing/Voice/App Sharing/SQL (FE Web App / BE SQL as with SP)

Clients and Devices

Office Communicator 2007 (aka Internal MSN Messenger)
Office Live Meeting Client
Conference add-in for Outlook
Office Communicator Web Access
Office Communicator Mobile (PDA)
Office Comminicator Phone Experience
PC Periperal Devices


Video (inc High Definition)
-Live Meeting (augmented by Voice and Video)

Integrated Tools
-All in one client OCS Client
-Built on the presence system
-One click access (right click options!)

Presence Everywhere!!
-Appears in Outlook
-Reads calendar from Outlook/Exchange
-Sharepoint Integration

Voice Capabilities
-Can be a telephone system

New R2 Component-Communicator Attendant
-Single screen for multi-call handling
-Incoming Queue
-Integrated history
-Can be used on Reception for example
-eg Transfer call, right click select person...
-eg Put on hold/answer drag/drop...

New R2 Component-Cross Platform Desktop Sharing
-aka VNC!!
-Helpdesk support
-Once click from Communicator(inc Web Access)

Communicator Web Access
-Cross platform experience for all "core" browsers (IE/Firefox/Safari)

Communicator Mobile
-Available on some Nokias/Blackberries/WM
-Single number reach...
-Uses OCS to make the call rather than your mobile minutes (uses data instead)

Demo of "text" message capability
Demo of "voice" message/call capability
Demo of "video" message/call capability
Demo of "transfer" message/call capability
-either to colleague or another device (eg mobile)

Software + Services - the future

OCS is an "install in institution" product at present
MSFT looking at moving (as are competitors) into the cloud

Online Suite:
-Hosted filtering for Exchange
-Office Live Meeting
-Office Communications Online

---> Outlook Live (live@edu) [using Exchange 2010]

Exchange 2010
Shared location for mailboxes (some locally hosted, some hosted in the cloud at MSFT)

Flexible and Reliable
-Deployment flexibility (mix of local and cloud hosted mailboxes seemlessly)
-Continuous (improved disaster recovery though failover methods - evolution of continuous replication. Each db can have up to 16 copies. Provideds full redundancy.Reduced I/O and storage requirements.)
-Simplify Admin (enable some "power-users" to do some tasks themselves - eg Conduct monitoring on mailboxes, Track messages,
Manage mailbox quotas)

Anywhere Access
-Manage mailbox overload (mail tips to help remove unnecesssary and undeliverable mail - and you can then remove these recipients)
-Enhance Unified Messaging (sinlge inbox for all mediums inc text based preview of voicemail)
-Anywhere access and Collaberation (premium features cross-platform on "core" browsers)

Protection and Compliance
-Protect communications
-Archiving and Compliance
-Reporting and Alerts

Demo of Presence in Outlook/OWA 2010
-New commands available on messages as replies and free/busy info
-Conversations (emails grouped together)

Now.... break for lunch so back later....

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  1. verygreenpc's Avatar
    Hey Stuart,
    Thanks for pointing me here mate. Feedback has been pro OCS rather than a branded ISP like MSN Messenger or an open source version so far.


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