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Changing Ranges...

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by , 16th April 2009 at 10:56 AM (1750 Views)
For some reason, our College (with around 1800 students) was only allocated a relatively small number of IP addresses - and DHCP has been moaning at me for the past 3 months about it!!

Chatting to our RBC got us a new range, not an extension sadly, so time to get ready to move everything. FUN FUN FUN

:: 20 Servers
:: 80 Waps
:: 60 Printers

On to the job
As our kids have decided it is fun to reset the printer settings every now and then, over the past month we started recording all the MAC addresses of the machines. This we used to set reservations for all the printers. Now they can reset them all they want - they will stay where we need them!! This was probably the easiest bit, simply reboot all the printers - and done. Our Print Server was more fun though! Previously a x86 Server 2003 R2 box (which has been grumbling for a while) - we took the chance to change this to x64 Server 08. Grrrrr - drivers!!

Vista x64 driver on the server with an x86 driver for XP side by side. Gotcha here.... puch the xp driver from the client - dont try and do it from the server as it throws a hissy fit!


Did the same as with the Printers in the end. At least since they are 3-COM, we could save a config file, and push that back to each WAP. Only needed to re-do the channel then. We also changed the SSID and security.


Upset DNS for a while during changeover, but all ok now. WIth a bigger range, have now also been able to use the dual nics of the servers - and a nice difference it makes too! Especially as each nic is connected to a separate core switch.

More to follow on my fun with the printers...


  1. p858snake's Avatar
    What type of printers are they? i know with most HP's you can lock out almost everything so people can't touch/play with the settings.
  2. TheScarfedOne's Avatar
    Sadly not on the 2600n's. The other main printer is the OKI B6200. Again the lock option is there - but it is so much easier to have it so that if they fiddle, it cant really stuff anything up. Also a useful list to have in DHCP so we can quickly see if machines are up or down.
  3. localzuk's Avatar
    I'm going to be doing this at our school over the summer. Changing to a subnetted system ate a significant number of IP addresses.

    Got about 13 hardware servers to re-address, and half a dozen virtual ones, 20 or so printers, a voip phone system (with 45 extensions), network scanners, switches, electronic display system etc...

    Should be fun.


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