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Customising Sharepoint

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by , 10th March 2009 at 11:13 PM (2065 Views)
Firstly, thanks to all the people who have contacted me after my last posts on Sharepoint. I was expecting "some" interest - but have had a bit more than I bargained for!!

Anyway - as there is such a desire for more info on it, and getting it set up in Schools, I thought I would try to put pointers out there on the way we have done things here.

So - first question, yes we use MOSS on top of WSS. WSS is free, MOSS is not. However, it depends what you want to do with your setup as to whether you need MOSS or not. With MOSS, you get Blogs, Exchange Webparts and MySite (as well as a few other bits). However, MySite you can do another way - see Richard Willis' blog for more on that one. Exchange Web parts arent really required as you can do this with a Page Viewer Web Part. Blogs is the sticking point, but there is some work on Codeplex to create a better solution than the built in.

Second question - how have I got our environment to look like it does. Well, this is done with Masterpages and CSS not themes. I started off by pulling out the base config from CKS (the Community Kit for Sharepoint, also on Codeplex). Then, using CSS - customised the look and feel. I have also editted the Masterpage a bit too.

Third - webparts! I think I posted a load of them in my last blog - so go look!! All of them are off Codeplex, so I cant claim anything about them - other than hunting them down (which is no mean feat... there are loads out there and not all free!). Credit to all the developers, and I can testify that they work!

Anyway... thats your lot for now, but if you want any help setting up, or want to talk through ideas - post a comment and we'll get a discussion going. I also keep an eye on the forums and there are loads of others in there who are "SharepointHeads"!!

Finally - what do I do?? Well, Im a College Network Manager, and dont sell anything! Impartial...

Some people did ask...



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