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Jobs for Easter

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by , 3rd April 2009 at 11:20 PM (1814 Views)
Some of you may know about my fairly big plans for the Easter, but here is an idea of some of what we get up to...

1. Our network range is moving (thanks IFL!!)... so 20 servers to change IP settings, a load of switches and a load more WAPS! Roll on when I have a better WLAN system!! Mark (over at NetCTRL)... Im still hoping, I know we've not spoken in a bit!

2. Sharepoint is getting the two big updates from Feb. Also, putting the Podcast Kit for Sharepoint on, as well as some of the preparation for SIMS Learning Gateway. Im also going to be looking at some of the MSLG bits Im not using yet (like the calendar overlays), and start to play with Sharepoint Learning Kit. Richard (over at Salamander) - I might well be calling for help!!

3. Adding RAM to all our workstations. Up to 1GB for ICT Suites, and min 768MB everywhere else. I will be upsetting our laptop users by re-calling all those for RAM upgrades to 1GB, and re-imaging.

4. AVG --> Microsoft Forefront. Just got to make sure the damn uninstall script runs, WSUS will do the rest. I will be posting a separate blog about getting Forefront up and running and why we chose it over AVAST and AVG.

5. Hopefully rest at the end!! Roll on Holiday in May... not had a proper one since September!!!

Thats your lot for now... as always, comments, questions always welcome!!


  1. SYNACK's Avatar
    Sounds like a busy holidays, will be interested to hear about your experience with forefront.
  2. TheScarfedOne's Avatar
    Posted now...!


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