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Managing Printers

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by , 26th February 2009 at 02:56 PM (1908 Views)
Ok - standard problem - managing your printers, or more to the point printing wastage!!

How many times do you go to an IT Room and see a pile of wasted prints. If you are lucky - they might have tried to hide them in the bin - but most of the time they are just scattered all around the printer.

So - we used to be an RM system (some people will have seen my posts on "How to move away from RM..."), which had a built in Print Credit system. It was ok - but flaky sometimes though.

I used to work on a RangerSuite system years back - version 3 or something! Yes - I know RM have "interests" there now too - but its still a separate product range with separate developers.

I've gone off track....

Anyway - that reminded me of Ranger Printer Manager. More lightweight than Print Manager Plus, and having looked at PCounter - got a bit scared!! RPM - well worth a look, especially as V4 has automatic import/sync with AD to pick up new users.

Doing a bit of blatent advertising (and no I dont get an income for it) but Printware sorted this, and the trial of the various products out for us.

As usual, PM if you want to know more. I've done a Remote Desktop before to show it in use.


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    Will RPM pickup local attached printers, or just networked printers?
  3. TheScarfedOne's Avatar
    Not directly, but in RPM, what you can do is set up a "dummy " server queue which RPM reads and redirects to a local printer.


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