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Sharepoint Extras

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by , 26th February 2009 at 01:25 PM (3085 Views)
Ok - following this mornings post, Ive had a couple of questions about some of the webparts and solutions you can see in the screenies. People have also been asking what others I recommend.

Here we go, and of course - thanks go out to the people who write these...

1. My Documents (Salamander)
2. My Sites (Salamander)
3. SmartTools (CodePlex)
- What's New
- Enhanced Site Actions
- Copy Paste Action
- Dock Navigation
- Charts
4. PKS (CodePlex)
5. Tool Basket (CodePlex)
- Document Rating
- Scripts
- Forms Designer
6. Active Directory Tools for Sharepoint (CodePlex)
7. Sharepoint 2007 Features (CodePlex)
- Print List
- Toolbar Manager
- Window Links
8. Sharepoint Video Library (Bamboo)

I will update this with the links when I get them all together - but that should give you enough to run with!


  1. NewOrder's Avatar
    There are a lot of 3rd parties out there who have excellent add ons to sharepoint for education

    Hunterstone for a content repository and more
    B4 contact for Sharepoint CMS
    Novotronix for Infopath forms and development
    Mindmapping in Sharepoint from Matchware

    I recommend these as I've used them in projects

    You mention Richard from Salamander and then there is Twynham

    On Codeplex there is Dave Rookes drop box. Dave is in a school in Telford and has done some excellent work using reporting services.


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