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Playing with Sharepoint

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by , 9th February 2009 at 10:56 AM (2749 Views)
Ok - for those on the forums that have seen my discussions on Sharepoint, you will know I am a bit of a fan. Alright... more than a fan!

We started using Sharepoint 3 years ago - and frankly, couldnt live without it. Our basic layout... top level "landing site" for general news, information etc for all users. Below that, Staff, Students and Visitors (we use this for our primary schools - Year 6 coming into Year 7, as well as our MFL links). Inside Staff and Students are department sites, which mirrors our AD setup for department groups.

Now, with some help from Richard Willis (name dropping for Salamander Software - great software too, many thanks ) we hope to next add a new area "Classes" which will contain a site for every class (yep - I hear you already, thats a lot of sites!). Richard's tool will enable us to get the info from our MIS and create the site, and permissions automatically. Using his version of the "My Sites" webpart, we can then filter this to the user logged on.

Linking this into SLK later to provide the online assessment side of things will give us the first version of a full blown VLE.

As we are a SIMS school - we are also looking at Sims Learning Gateway (the worst named product ever - it is NOT a Learning Gateway!!!)...

Ideally, we want to add the SLG webparts to our exising environment... and that will be in the next blog post!


  1. ZeroHour's Avatar
    Could you post some screenies possibly?
    We are looking into sharepoint but I am struggling to get my head around how I would organise it all.
  2. Sylv3r's Avatar
    Good luck with this. We have been using sharepoint with the SLG webparts since September and I am loving it.

    Just about to roll it out to all students after half term - all departments are in the process of collating resources at the minute to upload.

    We also use the MyDocuments webpart from salamandersoft to allow staff and students access to their network MyDocuments from home.

    We will also be giving access to our Year 6 students in June so they have a couple of months play before they start in September.


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