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by , 26th February 2009 at 09:11 AM (4875 Views)
Thanks to the guys who PM'd me and commented on my last entry about our use of Sharepoint. Yes, I know I didnt post any screenies of it - and I will now be putting that right. There was a method in the madness though - I was in the middle of re-branding. Playing with the Master Pages and CSS to "de-Sharepoint" it a bit is fun! No really... it is!

Right... down to business, and to answer a few of the questions I have recieved in a general way.

1. Layout:

> Staff
....Curriculum Departments
....Support Departments
....Staff Teams (eg HOY, HOD etc)
> Student
....Curriculum Departments
....Year Teams
> Visitors
....External users (eg MFL Link Schools etc)
> Documents
> Communicate
> Booking

Right, I know what you are thinking, what is in Documents, Communicate and Booking? And how are the Departments organised?

Departments mirror our AD groups. For example, Dept-ICT for ICT department. There is a list of sites for each one. The same applies to year groups and staff teams, and non-teaching staff groups.

Documents is simply an empty site, with a single webpart page containing the My Documents webpart, and a Content Editor Webpart with help and download links for file viewers (eg Word).

Communicate is the same as Documents, except the webparts are the OWA ones.

Using separate sites made it easier to security trim (as we dont want externals (ie the Visitor groups) going into Docs/Comms, and also dont want the students in Comms. In the long run, these two will be merged into a new area called "My Portal", which will also contain the My Sites webpart, which security trims the list of user sites. We want this as we will have a site for each user under "My Portal", since this way we can better control the environment rather than use the built in "MySite" function of Sharepoint.

2. What it looks like:

Attached are two screenies, one of the new version of our Staff Portal which will go live in a week or so, the other of our department site (which gives an idea of what these look like). The funky annimation on the site is part of the SmartTools set of sharepoint solutions from Codeplex. Loads of good stuff on there - do a search for Sharepoint on there and you will get some right gems!

If you want more info on any Sharepoint-y stuff - PM me, or comment and I will post some more!
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Updated 26th February 2009 at 08:41 PM by TheScarfedOne (Making the layout architecture a bit clearer - master/subsite relationship)



  1. ZeroHour's Avatar
    Thanks heaps for this as I am having fun looking into sharepoint. I will bump your rep score up 20 points
  2. TheScarfedOne's Avatar
    Ta muchly :-)


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