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SCCM 2007 - RIS and GPSI on steroids!

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by , 31st January 2009 at 12:15 AM (5540 Views)
Finally got my hands on this new toy! After starting off with USB Network boot pens, some fancy scripts and an XPCD share complete with a shed load of unattend files - moved onto RIS two years back. Its been working really well, but its about time we lost the one remaining Server 2003 box.

Time to look at alternative ways of getting XP out there, as we arent quite ready for Vista (in fact we will probably skip it in favour of 7).

So - went on the hunt for setting up SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager 2007), which is RIS and GPO software deployment on steroids basically!

Right... followed the instructions in these guides (and I mean seriously follow to the letter) and had SCCM installed and working.

So - all installed, time to get playing! Oh - for the record, the server was a Dell SC1425 and my 2 clients one for Build/Capture, the other to deploy).

Use the following walkthrough for getting a Vista Build/Capture reference image, and then deploy it to the 2nd box.

Getting XP out is a little more involved. For a start - you will definately have driver problems! This is were I was glad Ive played with RIS for so long. All our RIS builds use Driverpacks (thanks to the great team at Download and extract all of these to a sensible folder structure. You will want them - especially the Network Card drivers!

So - the walkthrough for XP is here...

I dont take any credit for this work - but Im just an example of how you can get it working, following all the guides. Thanks to the great guys on Windows-Noob (particularly Anyweb) for the guides. Next thing to do will be get our Apps in there, and sort out the PITA that is Office 2007. I will probably put it in the base WIM - see the section in the Vista guide on installing Firefox.

Finally, the other thing on my list is scripts to enable me to choose a machine name when the client is "unknown" so you dont have to pre-stage the machines in SCCM. R2 adds extra support for "unknown" machines - i.e. for bare metal deployment, but you dont want your machines called "minint..."!! When Ive tested it (got some info) and sure its working, will post it up!




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